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October Recap

I enjoyed a very pleasant month of October, from a reading perspective especially.

I participated in the New Zealand Book Challenge, hosted by dear friend and New Zealander Maree, by reading Mister Pip and The Vintner’s Luck, both very good and interesting.    I also was able to mooch The Whale Rider – LOVED the movie! but read that today.   Today is in November, so I won’t count it for NZ but apply it to my Women Unbound Challenge.   More on that later.

I finished RIP IV with almost all the books I said I would read done read.    (am I the only one who sometimes wishes the past tense of read was not the same as the present tense?)     I read Something Wicked This Way Comes AND The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, and Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.    Unfortunately, I had hoped to download some HP Lovecraft but it just didn’t happen.    Still on my list, though.

I ended up reading 10 books in October!   Which is terrific because I am so on track to set a new record for the year in how many books completed.    This makes me happy.    I still have many to review, though.

The Halloween Tree / Bradbury (RIPIV) 145 ***
The Victoria’s Secret Catalog Never Stops Coming / Jennie Nash **** 153
Catie Copley / ***
Through Black Spruce / Joseph Boyden **** 359
The Giver / Lois Lowry *****  208
The Vintner’s Luck / Elizabeth Knox **** 284 (Oct NZ Book Challenge)
The Wednesday Sisters / Meg Waite Clayton (IRL bookclub)****
Mister Pip / Lloyd Jones (NZ Book Month) *****
Juckets / Joyce Keller Walsh (for Literary Road Trip Challenge) ***
Lolita / Vladimir Nabokov (readalong w/ softdrink) ***

My favorite has to be Mister Pip.     I can’t say any were horrible (except I feel horrible that I’ve struggled with posting any thoughts on Lolita.)

I’m pleased with my challenge progress and super excited to be co-hosting the Women Unbound Challenge – I’ve already started reading and have not finalized my list yet.

Happy November!

I prefer pi.


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